Dr. Bobbi Helgason

Dr. Bobbi Helgason is a soil microbiologist at the University of Saskatchewan, who’s research program aims to realize improvements in agricultural productivity and sustainability through then manipulation of microbially-mediated nutrient cycling and plant-microbe interactions.

Her research studies critical elements of soil fertility and the environmental impact of farming systems by understanding the microbial controls on soil carbon (C) stabilization, management of crop residues and soil amendments to promote soil health, microbial controls on nitrogen (N) turnover and losses, and promotion of beneficial plant-microbe interactions. The knowledge generated by her research supports the development of new or improved management practices that increase nutrient use efficiency, improve environmental performance and promote soil health. Dr. Helgason aims to benefit Canadian farmers by generating new understanding of soil biology that supports healthy productive agroecosystems, ultimately increasing on-farm profitability and increasing food security for Canadian citizens.
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